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Hoppy’s unique car wash experience begins with the tale of a man named
James “Hoppy” Hostetter

Hoppy age 16 years oldIn 1923, James Hostetter was born the fourth of five children. While James was still a very young, his family packed up and moved from their old Kentucky home to the hills of West Virginia.

James grew up in Fayetteville and would go on to live most of his life there. As an adult he loved to reminisce about carefree time spent playing with childhood friends there; he had many fond memories of walking to town on Saturday afternoons to catch a double feature.

James turned 18 in September of 1941 while the world was deep into its second world war. After completing basic training, James spent the next three years as part of the Military Police Corp. serving in World War II. His service took him throughout France and England, but when the war was over Hoppy wanted nothing more than to come home to Fayetteville.

Fayetteville was a different place for James now; both of his parents were deceased and his brother and sisters had moved away while he was in Europe. He had returned to Fayetteville with no family and no home, but a friend offered him a place to sleep at night and gave him a job. This friend happened to be the proprietor of the town pool hall – or the beer joint – as many locals called it. It was time spent at this pool hall and his love of playing pool that earned James the nickname “Hoppy” after Willie Hoppe, a renowned billiards champion who won 51 world titles between 1906 and 1952.






Hoppys wedding day bannerHoppy watched the people come and go on the streets of Fayetteville each day through the windows of that pool hall. That’s where he first noticed a young lady named Dottie as she walked to work at the telephone office next door.

Hoppy said of Dottie, “She’s was the prettiest girl I’d ever seen.” It wasn’t long before Hoppy and Dottie began going steady and it was this relationship that motivated Hoppy to eventually leave the pool hall for more profitable work in the underground coal mines in Page, West Virginia.



Hoppy and Dottie married and two years later welcomed a son, James Jr. or Jim. Hoppy worked the underground coal mines until Jim was about five years old then he went into business for himself as the proprietor of a Keystone Service Station. After a couple of not so profitable years at the station, a businessman approached Hoppy and suggested he haul coal for his mining company.Jay and Penny hoppys children Hoppy jumped at this opportunity - he sold the station and bought a used 8 ton single axle truck.


Hoppy was now in the trucking business. It wasn’t easy but he hauled coal all day from the coal mines and then worked well into the night to get the truck ready and running for the next day of work. Hoppy’s company started as a one man show but as the days turned to weeks and the weeks turned to years, the company grew in employees and in the number of trucks travelling that West Virginia mountain road. At home, Hoppy’s son Jim had grown too. In the blink of an eye his school boy days had passed and in the fall of 1967 he headed for West Virginia University.


Jay and penny as small childrenThe year 1969 brought news that not only were they expecting a baby but so were Jim and his wife. In June of 1970 – 21 years after the birth of their son Jim, Hoppy and Dottie welcomed a daughter they named Penny. Three months later they welcomed their grandson, James III or Jay.


Just as he always did, Hoppy worked hard and that hard work paid off. During the "mining years" Hoppy saw Jim graduate from University of Kentucky Medical School and set up a practice in Atlanta, Georgia. He also saw Penny and Jay graduate from West Virginia University and move to Georgia as well. Hoppy retired in 1996.


In January 1997, prior to the grand opening of Hoppy’s Car Wash, Hoppy suffered a stroke from which he never fully recovered. Life changed dramatically again for him but he continued to live each day as he always had lived – with vigor and strength of spirit.

Hoppy's 55 Ford Fairlane

Hoppys 1955 Ford Fairlane

Through the years he had named his businesses for his family, so when Hoppy’s Car Wash opened its doors it was so named as a tribute to James “Hoppy” Hostetter. Because Hoppy inspires all we do and all we strive to be at Hoppy’s Car Wash, we created a Hoppy character to represent the man. Our Hoppy caricature is fun, friendly, honest, hard-working and lives by the golden rule, to treat others as you would expect to be treated. In 2011 a 1955 Ford Fairlane was added to the Hoppy’s logo – it’s just like Hoppy’s personal ’55 Ford Fairlane.


Hoppy passed away on November 30, 2010 and now more than ever we strive to keep Hoppy’s memory and can-do spirit alive by daily serving our Guests with a similar dedication, hard work and can-do spirit.

Since 1997 Hoppy's Car Wash has been providing..."Award Winning Service" our valued customers in Marietta and her surrounding cities.